Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear Poodle available – own to your dream

Domestic or Roreign Daddy and Mommy attention ! Pocket teacup poodle teddy bear baby only two available.

Miss this chance, wait for half a year.

YouLong ● Jiaqiao company display a variety of colors to select, red poodle, black poodle, chocolate poodle, white poodle, silver poodle, cream poodle, and other kinds of toy poodle, toy teacup poodle and teacup poodle.

Taiwan’s (Tainan) most gorgeous sweet and cute teddy bear teacup Poodles in YouLong.
Homegrown and appointment.
Please contact us: 06-2292569 or 0975785398
Foreign Daddy and Mommy please call: +886 6 2292569 or +886 975785398

You Long poodle breeding center English official website: http://52993344.com/en


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