Guang Zhou Mommy Wu and  Toy Poodle Teddy Bear ^^

Guang Zhou Mommy Wu and
Toy Poodle Teddy Bear ^^


Hello Everyone~~
I am a male Toy Poodle Teddy Bear
I’m here to let you know 
I had arrived at Guang Zhou safe and sound
This is the first photo taken in Guang Zhou
Do you know how I look like when I’m in You-Long?

This is MEEEEE~

A pretty sister bring me out~
And we took a photo togather
She has a pair of big eyes
Looks pretty right ?
I feel so comfy in her arm~

The one who is hugging me is Mommy Wu
She says Im a present to sister
Oh ya
Do you see the grey blue bag in mommy’s arm?
That is a special bag for me
There are a lot of things inside it

Wow~She looks cool in her sunglasses
as well as a champagne in her hand
She is a pretty sister tooo

Sooo cute
He is my playmate
A little one
Makes him looks so lovable 

A photo of me and mommy Wu
She is pretty and generous
Looks friendly when smiling
I will work hard to make everyone happy 

Teddy Mommy 
I live well in Guang Zhou
Do miss me ya !!
Visit me when you are free
Please look forward to my next story sharing^^
See ya!!


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