Toffee’s Life In Hong Kong ~~

Toffee’s Life In Hong Kong ~~


Hi Everyone ^^

I have already arrived in Hong Kong~!

I am very happy here.

Mom bought a new bed for me

It is red

so beautiful!!

This is my brother

Did you think he is handsome?


I like to play with my brother

This is the first photo of the two of us

Hey, Mommy.

Yes! This beautiful girl is my mum

She has a pair of charming eyes.

Mommy is very gentle

I really like to hug Mommy

Sitting next to my brother is grandma

Grandma is also very cute

She often play with me

Also like to touch me

Brother!Grandma !

Mummy told us to look at the camera

1, 2, 3


Took so many photos

feel so sleepy

I want to sleep


Next time i will share my story with you again!!


Thank you, Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)
for safely sending me to Hong Kong
I also want to thank Mommy for loving me
I feel very happy
I will try hard to bring happiness to Mommy’s family
Make everyone happy!



Thanks so much for visiting. Comments will be much appreciated ^^

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