About Me

Hey boys and girls I am Teddy Mommy.
the aim of this blog is to share my 20 years plus knowledge,
and most importantly, PASSION, in


as most you are probably thinking to yourself 
“Teacup poodles? WHAT on earth is that??”

haha i have to say i’m not at all surprised with your reactions.

poodles are mostly weighed around 3-5kg
with a shoulder height of 25-28cm.

however that’s only one category of poodles out there.

Click to Read About Other Poodle Categories

but i, Teddy Mommy, have always had a special thing,
(almost a crazy fetish i must say) 
for small, elegant and exquisite objects since i was little.

guess it’s out of a woman’s nature to protect,
i truly enjoy the feeling of holding these precious in my arms
and carrying them with me wherever i go. 

i’d never imagined poodles to become the center of my life until 
these beautiful teacup poodles came into my world….

♥Teacup Poodle♥Toy Poodle♥Pocket Poodle♥

YouLong Poodle Breeding Center:


Teacup Poodles Available for Sale
– Wide Selections!!! –


♥Teacup Poodle♥Toy Poodle♥Pocket Poodle♥

We are professionals specialized in poodle breeding.
The size of our poodle puppies ranged from toy, teacup,
super tiny teacup,
throughout to the world’s smallest

Pocket Teacup Poodles.

We also provide online/telephone customer services in
Mandarin, English and Japanese for your convenience;
simply give us a call on +886-975785398.
Alternatively, pop us an email if you have other questions.
International delivery can be arranged upon request
(Extra fees apply).

♥Teacup Poodle♥Toy Poodle♥Pocket Poodle♥

Poodleholics Please Contact Us:
Cell: +886-975785398
Line ID : teddymommy75
Whatsapp : +886975785398
QQ: 603042543
SKYPE: teddy52999
Email: a5299.a3344@msa.hinet.net


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