New members Arrived

Drum rolls~!!!
YouLong has a new member to report !!
Three of them are male teddy bears ^^
And their are all below Teacup Poodle size
A little poodle is cute and easy to take care

Daddies and Mommies bring us home !!

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Toffee’s Life In Hong Kong ~~

Toffee’s Life In Hong Kong ~~


Hi Everyone ^^

I have already arrived in Hong Kong~!

I am very happy here.

Mom bought a new bed for me

It is red

so beautiful!!

This is my brother

Did you think he is handsome?


I like to play with my brother

This is the first photo of the two of us

Hey, Mommy.

Yes! This beautiful girl is my mum

She has a pair of charming eyes.

Mommy is very gentle

I really like to hug Mommy

Sitting next to my brother is grandma

Grandma is also very cute

She often play with me

Also like to touch me

Brother!Grandma !

Mummy told us to look at the camera

1, 2, 3


Took so many photos

feel so sleepy

I want to sleep


Next time i will share my story with you again!!


Thank you, Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)
for safely sending me to Hong Kong
I also want to thank Mommy for loving me
I feel very happy
I will try hard to bring happiness to Mommy’s family
Make everyone happy!


Small Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear  Depart to Hong Kong~!

Small Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear
Depart to Hong Kong~!


Teddy Mommy sais I’m going to Hong Kong soon
This is my first time travelling on plane
Im so excited !!
The scenery on plane should be very beautiful ~~

 Total Flight Time : 1hr40mins

Here is my schedule~^^

This is a photo of daddy and brother
They are now in Hong Kong
Daddy remember to wait for me ya
I want to fly as soon as possble 
Can’t wait to play with you and brother

Teddy Mommy had you prepared my luggage
I wish to go now~!!
Buhbye everybody~
Will let you know when I arrived at Hong Kong ~^^

Guang Zhou Mommy Wu and  Toy Poodle Teddy Bear ^^

Guang Zhou Mommy Wu and
Toy Poodle Teddy Bear ^^


Hello Everyone~~
I am a male Toy Poodle Teddy Bear
I’m here to let you know 
I had arrived at Guang Zhou safe and sound
This is the first photo taken in Guang Zhou
Do you know how I look like when I’m in You-Long?

This is MEEEEE~

A pretty sister bring me out~
And we took a photo togather
She has a pair of big eyes
Looks pretty right ?
I feel so comfy in her arm~

The one who is hugging me is Mommy Wu
She says Im a present to sister
Oh ya
Do you see the grey blue bag in mommy’s arm?
That is a special bag for me
There are a lot of things inside it

Wow~She looks cool in her sunglasses
as well as a champagne in her hand
She is a pretty sister tooo

Sooo cute
He is my playmate
A little one
Makes him looks so lovable 

A photo of me and mommy Wu
She is pretty and generous
Looks friendly when smiling
I will work hard to make everyone happy 

Teddy Mommy 
I live well in Guang Zhou
Do miss me ya !!
Visit me when you are free
Please look forward to my next story sharing^^
See ya!!

The One and Only YouLong Poodle Breeding Center in Taiwan

teacup poodle teddy bear

A message for all daddies and mommies from all aroumd the world
Here to remind the prevalence of online fraud, YouLong Poodle Breeding Center, the one and only, no branch!
And again we are so worried about our customer being deceived , here’s a statement about the blogs, twitter, forums, etc. we used on the internet …
We mainly transfer it to the below webpage : 

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